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The best collaboration tool for

Live Websites.

Leave comments on live website UIs to speed up frontend development review and feedback cycles by 10X.

Save up to 42 hours a month on disjointed feedback cycles.

Improve and speed up website reviews by quickly leaving comments on any live website or web app - even password gated web apps.

FlowNote Extension
Which margins is he
talking about?! 😭😭

How it works


Copy & Paste your website's URL to create a new project.


Invite your team & start reviewing websites!

Speed up web design with simple commenting.

FlowNote provides for a smooth workflow by letting you leave clear & contextual comments on specific elements of your website, providing for rapid updates and iteration.

Speed up web design with simple commenting.


Real-time collaboration with your team.

Whether it's designers, developers, clients, product manager or the marketing team - we'll make collaboration a breeze for everyone involved, similar to how it works in figma.

Speed up web design with simple commenting.

User-friendly guest Links for clients.

Your clients don't need to signup to quickly provide feedback on website - just send them a guest link and get their feedback in one place rather than a bunch of screenshots and long email chains.

Speed up web design with simple commenting.

Draw, scribble & highlight on live websites.

Provide additional context to comments, highlight specific UI elements, and redline stuff easily with the built in drawing tool that lets you draw over any website.

Speed up web design with simple commenting.

Works with any kind of website :)


Website Feedback Plans

The best deal you'll find ;)


33% Discount when billed yearly

Free Plan

$0 per month


1 Project

2 Collaborators

1 Workspace

Public Links

Professional Plan

Best Value

$30 $20 per month

$240 per year

30 Projects

5 Collaborators

5 Workspaces

Public Links

Agency Plan

$140 $100 per month

$1200 per year

100 Projects

50 Collaborators

10 Workspaces

Public Links

Enterprise plan

Got custom requirements for your organization? Book a call and we’ll help you out :)

Frequently Asked Questions

Does FlowNote work on all websites?

Yes! Whether your website is built on platforms like WordPress of Webflow, or built with a framework like react, it should work just fine!

Does everyone on my team have to buy a subscription?

Nope. Only one person needs a subscription for premium features - you can invite anyone you want as collaborators to your workspace of specific projects.

Does FlowNote work on mobile?

You can't use FlowNote on your mobile device yet, but you can comment on different screen sizes of any website within a project!

What happens if my website gets updated?

Any changes made to your website will be reflected within your projects in FlowNote - no need to worry about that!

Does everyone have to create an account to use this?

You need to create an account to create and manage projects and access paid features. However, you can generate “Guest Links” which you can share with anyone (such as Clients) and they can leave feedback without signing in!

Who is this tool meant for?

If you're part of a web design & dev or marketing agency, part of a marketing or freelance web designer, FlowNote is the perfect collaboration tool - we're building this to make collaboration faster and easier for anyone working on making great websites.

Got More Questions? Get in touch with the founders!